, n., [From English] school.
skuul a olsechall er a omesuub; blil a osisechakl, skuul a omekrael a rechad el mo meduch el di tir.
skuleln.poss.3sskulel a skuul el le tilobed er ngii; ngar ngii a skulel er a llach, omsangel.
ngalek er a skuulexpr.student; pupil.
tekoi er a or academic matters.
See also:
> My house is next door to (or across the street from) the school.
> Who's the stupidest student?
> Droteo is a student, and Toki is a teacher.
> Toki ran in the direction of the school.
> You go on ahead to school, and then I'll follow.
More Examples:
> Teachers need respect.
> What is the job of a school secretary?
> The kids from school are so well behaved, they are picking up the trash on the sides of the road.
> Names of the cooks at this school.
> What he or she is being taught at school

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