soiseb, v.i.enter (often with difficulty).
soiseb a tmuu; mo er a chelsel; soiseb er a blai; skuul a soiseb er a klukuk; sisebel a skuul; smecher a mla soiseb, kmal meringel; smecher a bdelul a mla soiseb; di mengebelung kung.
silisebv.past starting to enter. about to enter.
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> He will do the same to everyone else whose land you invade.
> You've fallen for everything Toki says./Toki really has you on a string.
> I don't have any room to get into the bus.
More Examples:
> I think there should be a curfew on land and have flights only come in during the day like before.
> School is starting soon.

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