songerenger, v.s.hungry.
songerenger a bechachau a delebekul; soal el omengur; diak el medinges; sengerengerel.
sesongerengerv.s.redup.rather hungry.
sesongerenger a telkib el songerenger. getting hungry.
songerengerang a mocha songerenger.
songerenger a rengulexpr.have a strong desire for; lust after.
See also:
> That person is hungry.
> Those people are hungry.
> Human beings are made or born to be hungry.
> I'm hungry
> Is anyone hungry?
More Examples:
> I'm not hungry.
> Are you hungry?
> I'm hungry. I like to have some chicken soup.
> I'm very hungry.
> I am so starving.
ulis, n.edge of yard.
Ulis a ulisul; ullebengelel; ulis era mekesokes a tkul a mekesokes; ulis era sers a tkul a sers; omis, misur a tkul.
ulisuln.poss.3sulisul a ulis er ngii.
ulismod.extremely; on the extreme end of the spectrum for an emotional or physical condition.
ulis a ulisul; ullebengelel; ulis er a mekesokes a tkul a mekesokes; ulis er a sers a tkul a sers; omis, misur a tkul.
ulis el songerengerexpr.extremely hungry.
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More Examples:
> Belau's government is over budgeted.
> It is really hot.

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