mesubech, v.t.break open (dam; earth; etc.); open passageway/drain in; gather (large taro) (by breaking earth around base); hit or strike against.
mesubech a ngmai a tenget; subech a kaud er a ralm; sbechel a kudel a ralm. a mesubech er ngii; nguu er a chutem; subechii a brak; subechii a rolel a ralm. a ngmai el choroid er a urrebetellel; mesubech, mla suubech a brak; subechii.
/sbachel to be broken open.
sbachel a kirel el mesubech, kirel el mengai; brak a sbachel, subechii, suubech, sbechel a brak.
selubechv.r.s.broken open.
selubech a mla mesubech; mla mengai; brak a selubech, suubech, sbechel; selodel; ulengkangk; chelais a selubech a btil; chemars, subechii.
> Watch out! You're going to hit me.
> The boat hit against the dock.
> I ran over the child.
More Examples:
> My mom went to get some elephant ears taro.
subechii, v.i.touch or hit (against).
subechii a tmurk er ngii; mngii er ngii, bduu a mla subechii er a bdelul.
> Watch out! You're going to hit me.
> The car hit the telephone pole.

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