bebil, n.a little; a few; some; other.
bebil a sesei; bebil er a kall, bebil er a udoud.
,; just now; today; these days.
elechang a chelecha el sils; elecha el dekasoues; chelecha el taem; chelecha el de katekoi.
kldeb, n.shortness (esp. compared with someone/something else).
kldeb a kldebengel; kedeb.
mekemad, n.war.
mekemad a klakoad er a delongelel a beluu me a beluu.
mengaisisiu, v.t.redup.equal the height of; become as tall as; compare to; pretend as if.
merekui, v.t.finish (completely; entirely); consume; accomplish.
merekui a mochu merek; merekui er a urrereel a blai; kmedu el mo merek.
oleached, v.t.rush (against time, tide, deadline, etc.).
oleached a orreched; oeached el melekoi, oleached er a dolech, oechedii, oechedel.
, pro.that object far from speaker and far from listener.
sei a melutk er a cheroid er a mengedecheduch; ngar sei; diak el tiang; sei er a mong a skuul.
, n., [From English] Japan.
Siabal a beluu er a Asia.
taem, n., [From English] time; occasion.
tedeb, v.s.short.
tedeb a di kedeb; di mle tedeb el delengchokl e ng merael.
tedeb el taemexpr.a short while.
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telkib, v.s.a little; a bit; part of piece of.
telkib a diak le klou; kekerei; telkib el kall.

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