tebel, n., [From English] table.
tebel a klekedall el kedoel a klalo er ngii; tebelel.
tebeleln.poss.3stebelel a tebel er ngii.
tebel er a blengurexpr.dining table.
tebel er a omerasmexpr.sewing table.
tebel er a omesuubexpr.study desk.
> Melii is wiping off that person's tables.
> Is Melii wiping off anyone's tables?
> Toki put the wastebasket under the table.
> Put the cup on the table; John was putting the cup on the table (just now, recently); John put the cup on the table (yesterday, a week ago, etc.).
> The top of the table has gotten wet.
More Examples:
> Put the book under the table
> What is on the table or desk?
> Put the book on top of the dest
> There are 6 tables and 8 chairs.
> The book is under the table.

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