mak, n., [From German] fifty cents.
mak a tedobech er a chimo el kluk $1.00; mak a okeim el sengs.
chimo el makexpr.fifty cents.
klde el dollar and fifty cents.
teblo el dollar.
> It's as if I live somewhere so far away that I don't know what's going on.
> It's as if I've submerged my head into Mekaeb (the channel between Peleliu and Agaur).
A term to describe a dish that is really salty.
, num.2 [two] (animal; nonliving thing).
teblong a ochur ; bduu a teblong. mengur a teblong; teblong el blai.
Ngii el teblong.expr.Both.
teblo el blaiexpr.two houses.
> I'm going to the taro garden to get some yellow taro.
More Examples:
> I need to put together at least two more spears.
> Hey, could you spare a couple of betelnuts?
> I'm going to the taro garden to get two yellow taro.
> I speared couple of sting rays, they are good for soup.
> I'm going to harvest some tapioca and dig up some sweet potato.

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