tech, n.meat; flesh; muscles; genitals (esp. female); core; essence; root or tuber (of starchy food).
tech a chelsel a chad, charm; techel a babii, techel a malk, techel a ngikel.
techel a bilisexpr.squirrelfish.
techel a cheldecheduchexpr.highlight or most important part of the story.
techel a miichexpr.meat of tropical almond; original inhabitants of village.
techel a tekoiexpr.essence or substance of the matter.
techel a uingelexpr.gums (in mouth).
> The meat will be eaten by the old man.
> The meat is to be roasted and eaten with bitter herbs and with bread made without yeast.
> He's a genuine blood member of that family.
> Core of the tropical almond.
A lineage that has resided in a particular village for a long time, so long in fact that the origin of the lineage and the origin of the clan to which it belongs are considered coeval, is likened to the core or, perhaps, true spirit or essence of the tropical almond, a food once reserved for the elite. Members of such lineages are considered to have first right to clan titles. The following three idioms express lesser degrees of belonging.
More Examples:
> My mom gave him a piece of Palauan money for his wallet.
> I ate rice and beef with vegetables.

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