techall, n.opening; space; room; opportunity; clearing in forest.
techall a kedeorech; ungil el belsechel; ungil el temel; techall er a omeruul el ocheraol; techellel el dmu a soal; ungil el techall er a mo er a skuul.
techelleln.poss.3stechellel a techall er ngii.
techall er a ureorexpr.opportunity for work.
techellel a Droteo el mo er a Merikelexpr.Droteo's opportunity to go to America.
techellel a chullexpr.grass in Laurel family.
See also:
> I didn't have any opportunity to get together with your friends.
> I want to take this opportunity to show our gratitude.
> I don't have any room to get into the bus.
More Examples:
> Ulang might have a chance to find candy on the road.
> Maybe we have a chance to win this baseball game.
techull, n.belt (worn after delivering baby).
techull a btek; olekesongel; techellel a omechell; mtechulii.
techelleln.poss.3stechellel a techull er ngii.
outechullv.i.wear belt (after delivering baby); have a birthmark around the waist.
outechull a ngar ngii a techellel, ultechull er a techull; btekel.
See also:
More Examples:
> Ulang might have a chance to find candy on the road.

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