melib, v.t.plan or arrange (event); decide on; determine; gather materials (for house etc).
melib a tibir, tuib, meruul; Olbiil er a Kelulau a melib a llach, tbil a llach. a melib er ngii; rullii el mo ta uldasu; tbil. a meruul; melib a llach; tibir a urreor, tbil.
tbiln.poss.3stbil a omelib er ngii; melib a llach; tbil a llach.
v.recip.plan together.
ketib a kaudasu; di du el melib; tuib a tekingir, tibir a urreor, tbil a llach.
tbetballv.redup.a.s.tbetball a tbiil; kirel el metib; melib a llach; tbetball a llach el kirel a ungil el osisechakl; tbil.
/tbiil to be planned, arranged or decided on or determined.
tbiil a kirel el metib; tuib a llechul a buai; tibir a urreor, tbil.
v.r.s.planned; arranged; decided on; determined.
telbiil a ultebechel; mla metib; tibir a urreor; tuib a omenged, melib a tekoi. a melib er a mo ungil el llach; oterkeklii a telbiil.
melib er a rengulexpr.decide; make up one's mind.
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> They're from Beliliou (where preserved breadfruit is eaten)
> Breadfruit preserve.
The people of Kayangel and Peleiu, who rely more than others on breadfruit and who, in the past, preserved the fruit for off-season food.
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> Dachelbai brought himself close to Ulang, what kind of schemes are they planning now?
telbiil, n.r.s.oath; promise; plan; decision.
telib a rruul; mla metib; llach a telib er a Olbiil Er a Kelulau; tibir a omenged, tuib a urreor, melib, tbil a urrereel a ungil el buai.
telbileln.poss.3stelbilel a telbiil er ngii.
oltaut er a telbilelexpr.keep one's promise.
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