telekangel, n.r.s.perserverance.
telekangel a outekangel; mesisiich a rengul el melemolem; kilungii a rengul; outekangel el rokir a skulel.
telekengeleln.poss.3sobstinance; persistance.
telekengelel a telekangel er ngii.
> With persistence the village of Ngersuul was maintained
When the men's clubs of Koror could not proceed as far as Melekeiok, a major village to the north that stood in political balance with Koror, the clubs would often stop over at Ngersuul and sack the small village. Yet the people of Ngersuul, over and over defeated, clung to their village and persisted through history. (Sometimes the village of Angaur is used, with a similar meaning, in place of Ngersuul.) The saying may be applied to the harried individual who is about to give up a task because of repeated failure.

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