melngot, v.t.(person) get, obtain or seek (food); (animal) forage for (food).
melngot a osiik a ongraol; melngot er a mesei, stoang; tungetngii a kukau, tungot a beras, tngetngel. a melngot er ngii. a melngot; osiik a kall.
telngetngeleln.poss.3sfood obtained.
telngetngelel a telngot el ngii a mlelngot.
metetngotv.t.redup.look around casually for food.
telngotv.r.s.(food) obtained, sought or foraged on.
telngot a seliik; mla metngot; melngot a odoim; tngetngel.
v.a.s.(food) is to be obtained, sought or foraged for.
tngetungel a siokel; kirel el metngot; tungetngii; tungot a brak tngetngel.
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