melemotem, v.t.clear (trees, land); clear land (for garden).
melemotem a omukel; meledaes; tomotem a kerrekar, tometemii a rael; temetemel. a melemotem er ngii; temetemel. a melemotem; temetemel a kerrekar.
ketemotemv.recip.cut each other (with machetes when clearing land).
ketemotem a di du el melemotem; melobech, omukel a kerrekar; tometemii, tomotem, ketemotem a oliochel er a chutem, temetemel.
telemetamelv.r.s.(trees; land; etc.) cleared.
telemetamel a telemotem; mededaes, mla metemotem; tometemii a rael; tomotem a oreomel, temetemel.
telemotemv.r.s.(trees, land etc.) cleared.
telemotem a oreomel el meukel a kerrekar er ngii me ng mededaes.
temetamelv.a.s.(land etc.) is to be cleared.
temetamel a ukelall a kerrekar ngii; kirel el metemotem; tometemii, tomotem a oreomel.
el di ta one stroke or blow; all at once.
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> The soldiers took rifles and shot the women and children all at once.
> Like the blow at Utaor, one stroke for all
A person or perhaps a club of the hamlet of Utaor (a hamlet of either Koror or Chol) offended a major village and, in consequence, the village retaliated by attacking the whole hamlet. The idiom applies to any general statement or punishment that might better be directed toward a particular group or individual

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