, n.
white-collared kingfisher (bird).
A tengadidik a suebek el charm; ngar er ngii a bsechel. Ng di ua a meklungel a kiuid. Ng mellemau a btelul me a ulkel e becheleleu a ulul el me er a delel. Ng diak el kall.
tengadik a ta er a bedengel a suebek el charm; tengadidik.
> Like the kingfisher, chattering while taking to wing.
The kingfisher, a restless, bullying bluebird, may be heard to chatter loudly when flying up from the ground or from a perch. The saying applies to one who suddenly spouts instructions to a group, then leaves, or to a leader at a meeting who impatiently interrupts a discussion with a burst of pronouncements, then ends the meeting.

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