tenget, n.offering (including money given in church); sacrifice; tax or due money; barrier; dam; anything used to block access.
tenget uldars el mo er a chelid; me a meang; melenget a udoud; tongel a kall, tengetengel; tenget a sers; klekedall el melenget; chesimer a tengetengel a blai, tongetengii; tonget.
tengetengeln.poss.3stengetengel a tenget er ngii; melenget.
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> Moses asked about the goat for the sin offering and learned that it had already been burned.
tengetengel, n.poss.3sbarrier; anything used to block or hinder.
tengetengel a chullexpr.board, etc. to protect against the rain.
tengetengel a daobexpr.dike.

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