melngakl, v.t.appease; console; make a peace offering to.
melngakl a meluluuch el oba udoud; tingeklii a rengul, tingakl a reng, tngakireng er a tord, tngeklel a rengul.
/tingakl a tingakl; meluluuch, melngakireng.
tingakl a melngakl a reng; meluluuch.
telngaklv.r.s.appeased; consoled.
telngakl a mla mengunguuch; mla metngakl; tingeklii a rengul a meltord; tngeklel a rengul er a udoud. to be appeased or consoled
tngekill a kirel el metngakl; kirel el mengunguuch; tingeklii a rengul a meltord; locha tngakireng; tngeklel.
See also:
> I made a peace offering to Droteo and Toki (and those associated with them).

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