meruu, v.t.collect; gather.
meruu a mo ngmai a rirebet; remuu a lius; rouar a iedel, rual a lius
, n.
Amra tree/fruit (leaves used in cooking, pulp used to make drink similar to lemonade).
titimel a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar el kall e ilumel a rdechel; kall a llel. A titimel a dellomel; ng mo meklou el kerrekar. Ng dirrek el kmeed el mo ua a meklungel a iedel Ng mekekerei a redechel el kuk mekekerei er a redechel a mesiedel Ng kall a redechel me a llel.
titimel, n.a dessert made with tapioca prepared in round balls with sugar.

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