melik, v.t.strike with the fist; box with.
melik a oimetemet a chimal e merusech; tikir a kboub; tmik a mlai, tkil. a melik er ngii. chelimetemet chimal e tikir.
ketikv.recip.strike each other with the fists; box with each other.
ketik a didu el melik; chad er a klekool a mesisiich el melik, tikir, tmik a uchul a dingal, Lkil a mad.
metikv.erg.metik a telik; mla tikir a medal; melik er ngii el chesimer.
telikv.r.s.struck with the fist.
telik a mla metik; tikir a kboub, tmik, melik, tkil a kboub. to be struck with fist.
tkiil a kirel el metik; tikir, tmik; diak el tkiil a chad.
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