melabek, v.t.patch (clothes, roof, etc.); pay (fine).
melabek a locha tabek er a selodel el bail; melinget a chemars el chado; tobekii, tuabek, tebekel. a melabek er ngii; tebekel. a melabek; mla tuabek a mechut el bilel me a bilek; tebekel.
metabekv.erg. to be patched; (fine) is to be paid.
tebakel a kirel el metabek; tuabek a selodel el bail; tobekii, tebekel.
v.r.s.patched; (fine) paid.
telebakel a telabek.
telabek a mla metabek; telebakel, bail a telabek; tebekel.
See also:
> Wilbur spoke to Charlotte while Charlotte was very busy mending her web.
More Examples:
> I really need to mend my sardine/mackerel net.
> I have to mend my pants that was torn.

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