melekoi, v.t.speak; talk.
melekoi a mengedecheduch; dmu a tekoi el meldung. to someone for purpose of discipline or persuasion.
tokingii a melekoi er ngii; tokingii tiei me tiei; smodii tiei me tiei; soal el melekoi. to people for purpose of discipline or persuasion. starting to talk.
melekingang a mocha melekoi; smecher a melekingang. about to talk.
melekingung a mochu melekoi.
melekoiv.i.make a sound; sound or ring out.
v.a.s.needs to be talked to; (person) is being talked about (because of bad behavior, etc.).
tekiungel a kirel el mo er ngii a tekoi; soadel er a beluu, tekiungel er a beluu er a omengubs.el sers.
melekoi a rengulexpr.determined; well-motivated; make rasping or humming sound in the lungs; make humming moise while sleeping; (cat) purr.
melekoi to oneself about (something).
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> I can sort of speak Japanese.
> Toki's gotten quite a reputation in the village.
> I'm no longer able to discipline my child by talking to him.
> What are you talking to yourself about?
> They are angry because the adults are all talk and no action.
> Like the kingfisher, chattering while taking to wing.
The kingfisher, a restless, bullying bluebird, may be heard to chatter loudly when flying up from the ground or from a perch. The saying applies to one who suddenly spouts instructions to a group, then leaves, or to a leader at a meeting who impatiently interrupts a discussion with a burst of pronouncements, then ends the meeting.
More Examples:
> Ulang is being slandered (by people walking around) because of her bad behavior.
> Please speak slowly.
> Can you repeat what you just said?

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