merrekakl, v.t.abuse; not take care of; not pay attention to; blaspheme (God's name).
merrekakl a diak longedmokl; meterkakl a udoud; torekakl a kall; terrekeklel er a bedengel.
/torkeklii a merrekakl er ngii.
/torekakl a merrekakl; diak longedmokl; torkeklii a beches el mlai; terekeklel.
terrekaklv.r.s.abused; not taken care of; carelessness.
terrekakl a diak el ulekedmokl; terrekakl el ngalek a diak le cheleoch; meterekakl er ngii; terrekeklel.
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> The picture is really sloppily drawn.
> The picture is being drawn sloppily.

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