merrakl, v.t.destroy; dismantle; break up; scatter; spread.
merrakl a mriid; remous; toreklii a blai; torakl a kall er a mechesang; tereklel a terekill el kall. a merrakl er ngii; tereklel.
keteraklv.recip.keterakl a didu el merrakl; omoket, remuul el mo daik el cheldull; toreklii a mechut el blai, torakl a kall, tereklel a uldurokl.
meteraklv.erg.meterakl a obriid; terrakl, toreklii a delengchokl; tereklel a delengchokl.
meteteraklv.erg.redup.meteterakl a beot el meterakl; obriid, kldibel a meteterakl a lak le meduch el ungil a merreder.
seberaklv.s.(person) prone to destroying things or actions of violence or frequently wanting to fight. to be destroyed/broken.
terekill a kirel meterakl; toreklii a mechut el blai; torakl a kall; tereklel.
v.r.s.destroyed; broken up; scattered; fraction (in math).
terrakl a berriid; mla meterakl; toreklii a blai; tereklel.
telerrakl a berriid; mla meterakl; mechut el blai a telerrakl; torakl a babier, tereklel.
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> Bring this basket of prepared food to Dachelbai's house and tell him that it's from Ulang for Kitalong's house-party.

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