deleb, n.r.s.ghost; spirit; soul.
deleb a delebengel a mla mad el chad, a le mad a chad e a deleb a tuobed er a bedengel el mo cheroid.
idedelebn.redup.type of ghost.
ouidedelebv.i.act like a ghost.
tuobed a delbengelexpr.scared stiff; scared out of one's wits.
See also:
> Satsko fled when she saw the ghost.
> He was scared stiff or scared out of his wits.
> A ghost or evil spirit has slapped him (i.e. he's having an epileptic fit).
> My spirit took leave.
Similar to "Frightened out of my wits."
> Slap of the spirit.
Good speakers are not too animated, control their emotions and gestures, and do not salivate while talking. Those who do are compared to the epileptic, who has been "slapped by the spirit."
> Mark of the spirit.
A natal, or birth, mark
More Examples:
> There is a ghost at the mangrove channel.
tuobed, v.i.come/go out of; emerge; go out fishing.
tuobed a mo er a ikrel; merael el mo cheroid; tebedel.
kaitebetobedv.recip.redup.come or go out together.
kaitebetobed a didu el tuobed el rokui; kaitebetobed el mo ourreor, tuobd er a a mlai el rokui; tebedel.
v.i.redup.come or go out continually.
metebetobed a blechoel e mekudem el tuobed; metebetobed er a taem er a urreor.
tobedv.i.hypothetical starting to emerge.
tobedang a mla tuobed; merolang; mlai a tobedang; tebedel.
tobedungv.pred.tobedung a kmeed el tuobed, merolung, mlai a tobedung; tebedel.
tuobed a's real feelings come out.
tuobed er a rebaiexpr.Redil el bechiil a motitech er a ta er a redil el me bechiil.
tuobed er skuulexpr.leave or get out of school (e.g., after completing one's education).
See also: , ,
> He's drooling.
> A search is begun (for him).
> His deepest feelings come out (clearly).
> He was scared stiff or scared out of his wits.
> I've got to urinate.
> My spirit took leave.
Similar to "Frightened out of my wits."
More Examples:
> My younger sister graduated from college.
> I'm smirking at the people working for the government, do they think they own these government vehicles when they're behind the wheels.
> This property went to Ngerkumer's kids through verbal agreement.
> I'm going to my kid's graduation from elementary school.
> He was in a hurry so he just yanked it and ran out.

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