omechucher, v.t.increase the number or amount (up to a certain point).
omechucher a omdois el mo er a kirel; mo diak le klsadel, mechucher a udoud el mo $10,000.00 locha omechecherel, ochecherel a udoud. a omechucher; omechur el mo er a soal el ildois, mla mochucher a udoud, ocherngel.
mochucherv.erg.mochucher a ulechucher; mla mo er a ngeiuul el ildois; mechucher a udoud el mo $12,500.00, ochecherel.
ombebechucherombebechucher a mekekokil el omechucher a ududel el mo ulechucher.
v.r.s.(number, amount) increased.
ulechucher a mla mochucher; mla mengai a ngeiul el ildois; udoud a ulechucher el $30,000; ochecherel
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> We'll continue to collect more coconuts until we have twenty.

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