omechur, v.t.count; include.
omechur a omasech; osiik er a ildois, mechur a udoud, mecherengar, ocherengel a udoud. a omechur er ngii; ocherengel. a omechur; osiik a ildisel.
mochurv.erg.mochur a ulechur; udoud a mla mochur; mla mechur; ocherngel.
/ocherengall to be counted or included.
ocherengaol a ocherengall.
ocherengall a kirel mochur; omechur el eai a ildois; mechur a udoud; ocherengel.
ombebechurv.t.redup.ombebechur a mekudem el omechur
omcherechurv.i.redup.count casually.
ulechurv.r.s.counted; included.
ulechur a ulecherungel; mla mochur; nglai a ildisel.
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> Who is wise enough to count the clouds and tilt them over to pour out the rain?

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