uriul, n.area or space (generally) in back of or behind; after; later; following.
ulleln.poss.3sback; area or space (directly) in back of.
ullel a uriul er ngii; ng techa ngar ullel a Calista?
uriul er a bilas n.stern of boat.
a uriul er aexpr.after (used only at beginning of sentence).
er a uriul er aexpr.after.
er a uriul er a cheldecheduchexpr.after the meeting.
me a uriulexpr.good-bye; see you later; until later.
oba a uriulexpr.pole boat at stern.
> Toki sat right in back of Droteo.
> I went to sleep after Toki left.
> I'll eat later (i.e. after doing some other things).
> I went to sleep after Toki left.
> Toki sat somewhere behind Droteo. / Toki sat down after Droteo did.
> Really a child of the back.
A child (sometimes an adult) that behaves well whether its parents are present or not; a child that is good when one's back is turned.
More Examples:
> Bye? See you later.
> Well, bye'see you later.
> Well see you later.

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