olsiich, v.caus.darken (color); tighten (nut; screw); confirm (planned activity).
olsiich a melisiich; chelleoch a sisichii a ngalek; seraub a olsiich a mesil; osichel.
osichiiv.pf.3sosichii a olsiich er ngii.
osiichv.pf.3p.inan.osiich a olsiich, remuul el mo mesisiich; osiich a seraub, osichel
osichallv.a.s.(nut, screw) is to be tightened.
osichall a kirel el mosiich, osiich a seraub, osichii a rengul er a soal el kall, osichel.
ulsiichv.r.s.(nut, screw) tightened.
ulsiich a mla mosiich; seraub a smiich; mesisiich, ulsiich a seraub; osichii a uasech, osichel.
olsiich a tekoi (el ousbech er a)expr.swear (on).
olsiich er a rengulexpr.take pleasure in someone else's pain, difficulties, problems, etc.
> I was proud of you.

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