oltengel, v.t.take/bring down (from above).
oltengel a otengel; melai el me er eou; otengelii a banderang, otengelel.
otengeliiv.pf.3sotengelii a oltengel er ngii.
mlotengelv.erg.pastmlotengel a mlengai el me er eou; ultengelii a bangderang; ultengel, otengelel.
motengelv.erg.motengel a ultengel; otengelii; otengel; mengai el mei er eou; ultengel a bangderang; otengelel.
oltetengetengeloltetengetengel a mekudem el oltengel.
v.a.s.is to be taken/brought down.
otengelall a kirel el motengel; otengel a kall el mei er eou; otengelii a bangderang.
ultengelv.r.s.taken or brought down.
ultengel a mla motengel; ngar eou; diak lulengasech.
oltengel a chelidexpr.call or summon a god.
oltengel a chullexpr.make rain.
oltengel a daobexpr.push (person) around; bully.
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