oltoir, v.caus.chase; run after; love; join; get or invite oneself into (group, etc.).
oltoir a ultoir, otoir, sau, beltik el reng, oltoir er ngii, ultirel.
otiriiv.pf.3sotirii a oltoir er ngii; otirel.
otoirv.pf.3p.inan.otoir a oltoir; otirii, oltoir er a omerael, otirel.
kaiuetoirv.recip.chase or love each other.
kaiuetoir a didu el oltoir; kausemeriar, kaubeltikerreng, kelatk, klaiuetoir, otirel.
v.a.s.is to be chased.
otirall a oteil.
oteill a chad el ngar er ngii a oltoir er ngii; siokel el chad; merechorech a oteill er a bulis.
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> They were determined to chase the robbers.
> They chased him so he was driven into the jungle.
> A poor man, but chased by beggars
Creditors seldom ask a rich man to repay a debt. Only when a man has lost all his money do they come asking.
More Examples:
> I love you.
ultoir, n.r.s.love.
ultoir a sau; beltik el reng; ultirel er a soal; ultoir er a klengeasek, klaiuetoir er a klaungalek.
ultireln.poss.3sultirel a ultoir er ngii; oltoir.
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> My love for you causes me pain.
> My love for you is boundless.

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