dekdekemel, n.poss.3sputtering sound.
melekedukemv.i.make intermittent noise; putter.
melekedukem a ululexpr.heart beats or pounds.
, n.
small (hairy) sea crab.
ksull a cheled; kebliil er a kidel me a chellabed me a kmai.
ksull a ululexpr.(have) hairy chest.
> A variety of sea crab, red in color, generally found under rocks.
Designates people of Koror with the implication that they eat it.
meliud, v.t.cut (fruit; log; board; pandanus leaf; etc.) lengthwise/down the middle.
meliud a mengaibibeob; meliuekl, remurt el iuedii a kurangd, imiud a such, iuedel. meliud a melobech el llemolem, tiuedii a bobai, tmiud a sangdiang; tmiud a idungel; tudel.
mengesbocheb, v.t.put board on frame of (boat).
mengesbocheb a locha chesbocheb; chosbechebii, chosbocheb a blai; chesbechebel.
omenged, v.t.put (oneself, part of one's body) against; hold (oneself) onto or against; put (hand) on or against.
omenged a blenged, blengodel er ngii bereked er ngii; mengedii er a demal, bengedel.
omor, v.t.lay or put (hands, chest) on or against something.
omor a loia chimal er ngii; mor a chimal er a bdelul; bereel a chim er a bedul. omor a merael a delel, ulul; diak el ochil; ngalek a omor er a ulul er a ulaol, bereel a ulul.
ulul, n.poss.3schest (of human being).
ulul a klekedall er a chad; ulul a bebul a diil e eou er a cheiukl

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