uingel, n.tooth.
uingel a klekedellel a ngor el meringet; ungelel.
ungeleln.poss.3sungelel a uingel er ngii.
medal a uingelexpr.front teeth.
ungelel a chelecholexpr.point where beach ends and ocean floor begins.
ungelel a cheremrumexpr.hard membrane inside one end of sea cucumber.
ungelel a chutemexpr.stone.
ungelel a daobexpr.jelly fish.
ungelel a kiaexpr.teeth of gear or cog.
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More Examples:
> Girls of age from high clans had their teeth blackened.
> I'm brushing my teeth.
> When I eat clam, the big muscle always gets stuck in my teeth.
> My baby is teething and drooling so much that my shirt is now wet from the drool.
> I went to fix my teeth at the dentist.

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