, n.work; job; task.
urreor a ngar ngii a klalo el ruoll; urreor el meruul er a rael; urreor a olel a udoud; meses er a urreor a ungil besul; urrereel.
n.poss.3surrereel a urreor el ngii a ourreor er ngii.
bekureorv.s.work a lot; hard-working; diligent.
bekureor a sekurreor; meses; chad er a urreor.
ureor el beluun.community improvement project in which all residents are expected to participate either in labor or food contributions for the laborers.
urerir a redilexpr.work meant for women.
urerir a resechalexpr.work meant for men.
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> the bad sewer water that came out on Wednesday and Thursday of last week
> This is hindering my work.
> The husband and kids are being ignored/neglected because he's so occupied with his work.
> How are your working conditions?
> Cooking ongraol is hard work.
More Examples:
> What was the day before yesterday?
> What is the job of a school principal or president?
> Lady at work is retiring. We are taking her out for lunch.
> What chores do you do at home?
> I'm going to be a little late tomorrow. I have a lot of work.

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