orrebet, v.t.drop; let (something) fall; drop/remove (person; name) from list.
orrebet a orebet; omidokl er eou; orrebet a lius, orebetel.
orebetiiv.pf.3sorebetii a orrebet er ngii.
orebetv.pf.3p.inan.orebet a orrebet, midokl, orebet a mengur, orebetii a ouak er a daob, orebetel.
kaiuerebetv.recip.cause each other to fall; compete with each other (to determine two best players).
kaiuerebet a didu el orrebet; klaiuengader, orebetii, orebetel.
morebetv.erg.morebet a urrebet; orebetii; orebet a klalo; mla morebet a klalo er a skoki; orbetel.
orebatelv.a.s.is to be cut down (to size).
orebatel a orebet; orrebet.
orebetallv.a.s.is to be dropped.
orebetall a kirel el morebet; orebet a mengur; orebetii, orebetel.
urrebet a mla morebet; mla me er a eou; orrebet a mengur; orebetii, orebetel.
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