ousbech, v.i.need; use.
ousbech a ngar ngii a ultutelel er ngii; ngar ngii a belkul er ngii, ousbech a udoud, usbechel.
kausisbechv.recip.need/help each other.
kausisbech a didu el ousbech; ultuil, betok el chad el kausisbech er a chimo el mlai, usbechel.
ousisbechv.redup.ousisbech a telkib el ousbech.
usbechallv.a.s. having a purpose; is to be used.
usbechall a ngar ngii a belkul; ngar ngii a ultutelel; kall a usbechall er a blengur; oles a usbechall er a omelebes; oluches a usbechall er a omeluches, usbechel.
See also:
> We use a knife to slice food.
> I use a knife to fillet fish.
> We use tongs to pick food.
> I don't need it./I couldn't care less.
> Do you need help?
More Examples:
> We use fish scale to scale fish
> We use pot holders for lifting hot pot and pans.
> We use cups to drink.
> We use tongs to pick food.
> We use basins to put water or food in.

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