omtok, v.caus.oppose; go against; talk back at; balk at; swim against (current); go against or buck (wind); hit against (sharp object projecting from ground).
omtok a ultok; diak le kengei; mtok a llach, utekengel a llach a mengebuul er a beluu, mtekengii a ringeldaob. a omtok er ngii; diak le kengei; mtekengii a oterul a mekngit el kar; mtok, utekengel. a omtok; diak lekengei; Rengelbechull a mla mtok a mekngit el kirel a buai.
kautokv.recip.quarrel with each other; (nails, logs, etc.) lie scattered around.
kautok a didu el omtok; kaiueiit a tekoi, mtok a meldung, te kautok e le uldasu a kakerous; mtok a tekingel, utekengel.
klautokn.klautok a diak le kaiuerenges; di du el omtok; klaiueong; mtekengii, mtok a tekoi, utekengel a urreor.
mutokv.erg.mutok a ultok; omtok, mtekengii; diak le mutok a berius me a eolt; utekengel.
omtok er a ngesacheltry something which is too difficult; bite off more than one can chew.
/utekengall to be opposed or gone against.
utekengall a kirel el mutok; mo omtok er ngii; mtok a osisebel a ice me a kemerruu me kemerrau el chad er a Belau; utekengel.
ultokv.r.s.sticking out; projecting; opposed; gone against.
ultok a mla mutok; diak loltirakl; mtekengii a llach; diak lekengei; chetil; ultok a omuchel a mekngit, mtok a telbiil; utekengel.
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> Then in my anger I will turn on you.

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