Austronesian Language Books, Articles, and Websites is very happy to provide the following Austronesia language materials for Austronesian languages other than Palauan. Palauan language materials can be found here.

Additionally, we maintain a page on which researchers can simultaneously search all of our dictionaries (including Palauan):
Multi-Austronesian Search.

Due to the hard work of one of our volunteers, Aleksandr Kuznetsov, we also have a partial clone of tekinged for the Woleaian language:
Online Woleaian-English Dictionary.

Note that since our focus is on the Palauan language, we do not actively maintain this page nor seek new materials for it. However, we are very happy to add any new materials which do come our way. If you have materials you would like added, please email them to us at or post a link in the comments below.

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An Orthographic Design for WoleaianHo-min Sohn1984woleaianPDF
Chamorro grammarSandra Chung2020Web
Chamorro Reference Grammar Donald M. Topping1973chamorroWebPDF
Friends of TobitobiWeb
Kusaiean Reference GrammarKee-dong Lee1975kusaieanWebPDF
Ponapean Reference GrammarKenneth Rehg and Damian G. Sohl1981ponapeanWebPDF
Ponapean-English DictionaryKenneth Rehg and Damian G. Sohl1979ponapeanWebPDF
Proto-Oceanic Reflexes in WoleaianAnthony F. Tawerilmang1984woleaianPDF
Talking Dictionaries of MicronesiageneralWeb
trussel2Steve TrusselgeneralWeb
Woleaian Reference GrammarHo-min Sohn1975woleaianWebPDF
Woleaian-English DictionaryHo-min Sohn1976woleaianWebPDF
Yapese Reference GrammarJohn Thayer Jensen1977yapeseWebPDF
Yapese-English DictionaryJohn Thayer Jensen1977yapeseWebPDF

Please suggest more in the comments below!

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