This is THE 1976 WOLEAIAN-ENGLISH DICTIONARY compiled by Ho-Min Sohn with assistance from Anthony Tawerilman and funding provided by the Trust Territories and the University of Hawaii. From the back cover:

"THE 1976 WOLEAIAN-ENGLISH DICTIONARY is the first compiled of this language. It is designed as a reference work for native speakers in the Caroline Islands, for nonnative speakers who want to learn the language, and for linguists who are interested in the language for practical or theoretical purposes. The dictionary contains some 6,200 Woleaian entries and an English-Woleaian Finder List of about 4,000 entries."

The 1975 companion WOLEAIAN REFERENCE GRAMMAR is located here. A list of Woleaian resources is here. The beginnings of a completely searchable Woleain dictionary (like the Palauan dictionary at is here.

Although is dedicated to the Palauan language, it is happy to provide this book as well due to the close ties between the Palauan and Woleaian languages.

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