chais, n., [From English ice] ice (frozen water); ice cube.
/chais keeki
/chais kurim cream.
melim a ice cream.
> Toki has just heard the news.
> What's new?
> A rumor is going around.
> I've just heard the news.
> The news came out/became known.
> Palauan news.
A paly on words invoving a form of the Palauan word for deception, which is similar in sound to "Belau" (Palau). According to one origin legend, the name "Belau" derives from a deception by which the people of Angaur tricked and killed the giant Uab, whose fallen body became the islands. Identifies a rumor, especially news that gathers detail as it travels farther and farther from its source.
> She's like the clams at Murael, lying face up (and open) and asking for news.
i.e., she just sits at home asking passersby about what's going on outside. Murael is a reef near Ngerechelong where, as elsewhere in Palau, the various kinds of tradacna shell bask, open and feeding, in the shallow lagoon. The saying applies to gullibility combined with high curiosity for news and to persons who simply sit at home, letting the happenings of the community come to them via passing persons.
More Examples:
> Whose ice cream is this?
> Any news?

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