, pro.those objects/animals far from speaker and far from listener.
aikelcont.aike el
aike el kaholexpr.those boxes (over there).
> Joseph drove his car to those stores.
> He is the key that opens all the hidden treasures of God's wisdom and knowledge.
> I was eating those bananas and that apple.
> I have assigned as the possession of your tribes the land of the nations that are still left, as well as of all the nations that I have already conquered.
> I am going to eat up those bananas and that apple.
More Examples:
> I need to put together at least two more spears.
> Do you like those or do you like these?
> The fish scales are good fertilizer.
> The yellow striped sweet lips we caught are good smoked.
> Hey, when you the females, leave the eggs in.

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