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ko, mod.just; kind of; similar to; like.
ko er amod.kind of; like.
koracont.ko er a
Synonyms: ,
> His or her face is ugly.
> We are completely uninformed because we don't know any information (about that).
> Something's wrong between Satsko and Tony.
> Droteo is rather undecided about travelling to Hawaii.
> Droteo spoke as if he wants to go to the party.
> Like the running elder.
Elders do not run fast, but they can run for great distances. Young men can sprint, but have little endurance. Hence, a person with enduring persistence.
> Like coconut water, passing from darkness to darkness.
Water, drunk from a coconut, passes from the dark of the nut to the dark of the mouth. Some discussions, such as those of village leaders, are secretively passed from mouth to mouth without public discussion.
> You're like the stork which flies with its legs dangling.
You leave unfinished business behind and split.
> It's like the foam of the sea, which forms unexpectedly and then disappears.
It's a matter that comes up for lengthy discussions and then is dropped without resolution or effect. Some things, like sea foam, drift on without settlement. Endless discussion without reaching agreement.
> Like the kingfisher, chattering while taking to wing.
The kingfisher, a restless, bullying bluebird, may be heard to chatter loudly when flying up from the ground or from a perch. The saying applies to one who suddenly spouts instructions to a group, then leaves, or to a leader at a meeting who impatiently interrupts a discussion with a burst of pronouncements, then ends the meeting.
More Examples:
> What time am I picking you up?
> We can say they're like sardines without heads in a can.
> The Chinese ship finally sailed out last month.
> The bench is wobbly so we might fall.
> I feel like eating burnt grated casava.

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