lak, mod.if one doesn't; (if) there weren't; don't.
> If you can't, let me know and I'll find someone who can.
> Parents, do not treat your children in such a way as to make them angry.
> Don't make noise!
> Don't stand up straight (because it is impolite)!
> Don't forget to come.
> Don't be like the man from Ngerchemai who lost both the turtle and the canoe.
Don't bite off more than you can chew...don't be selfish.
> Like Beachedarsai's food, only a little but it does not disappear.
Beachedarsai and a friend, one day, went to heaven. On arrival they were very hungry, so they visited one of the gods who provided food for them. The "food" was one tiny piece of taro and a bit of fish. Beachedarsai thought to himself that this would hardly suffice, but he picked up the taro and ate it. As he did so another piece appeared on the plate. He ate the piece of fish and another piece of fish appeared. His friend also ate and on his plate as well a new piece of taro or fish appeared as each was consumed. When they were satisfied, there remained on their plates a piece of taro and fish. The idiom is applied to any small blessing, such as a small but steady income, or Western meals that, in contrast with the Palauan tray full of food, are served in small portions, and so on.
> Don't stick your fork in!'l
Stay out of my affairs.
> Like the Bilimbi tree which, if not shaken, will not bear fruit.
Applied to a person who does not fulfill their obligations without constant prodding or nagging.
More Examples:
> Aha, see? I told you not to do that, Son.
> Don't go.
> Listen to your father because if you don't, he'll yell at you.
> Don't get, take, or bring.
> Read my heart well and don't get smitten by what covers it.

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