/e le
, mod.[contentless linking word]; because.
e le akconj.because I.
e le ngconj.because he/she/it.
elengcont.e le ng
lekcont.le ak
lekicont.le aki
lengcont.le ng
> Because humans aren't as smart as animals.
> There were some people who were ritually unclean because they had touched a corpse.
> I really don't need to worry about cleaning my house because Droteo does it so well.
> I am very envious (or begrudging) of you because everything you have is very nice.
> Don't go fishing because you'll get sicker (than you are now).
More Examples:
> Listen to your father because if you don't, he'll yell at you.
> The men and women from Ngeremlengui are ideal spouses because they are well-versed in customs and traditions.
> So what if he is late, as long as he comes.
> I heard we can literally fry eggs on the sidewalk because of the heat.
> Your clothes are piled up like you're a snake shedding its skin.

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