lmuut, v.i.return; come back; do again.
luuetangv.i.inch.is beginning to return or do again.
luuetungv.i.pred.is about to return or do again.
mluutv.imp.(you) go again.
Ke mluut?expr.Can you repeat yourself please? / Excuse me?
el mo lmuut er aexpr.going all the way to.
lmuut elexpr.even more.
me a lmuutexpr.also; in addition.
See also:
> I got sick from the sashimi, but Droteo got even sicker.
> Are you going to build it again in three days?
> I'm too tired to come back to the house to get the water.
> The teacher reads, or the child reads the first paragraph again on his own.
> I reread the book./I read the book again.
More Examples:
> Don't repeat.
> Can you speak a bit louder, i didnt hear you?
> When it starts boiling, let it boil for about 15 more minutes.
> Are you going to chew betelnut again?
> Can you repeat what you just said?

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