, pro.this animal/person near speaker and near listener.

ngikalcont.ngika el
> He's just a child, so don't listen to what he says.
> Ulang always mismanages her finances; she is always short when there is a need for her.
> Here's Droteo.
> He's young and unexperienced (lit. his buttocks are covered with sores) and doesn't know anything.
> His family and the villagers were quite surprised at the boy's sudden good health and quick recovery.
> That man is like a duck.
The native duck, debar, doesn't fly very well, or high like other birds, it doesn't walk or run like some animals, it can't sing well, and it doesn't swim as well as a fish. But it can do all these things. Applied to a person who seemingly can do many different things, none of them expertly. "Jack of all trades."
More Examples:
> Ulang keeps dwelling and fermenting in the past and gets all worked up and shut down.
> He is a riot and funny when dancing.
> My mother in law is a bit under the weather.
> John has a reallly fast pitch.
> This guy is very well established.

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