, v.i.sit (on floor) like a man (i.e. with both knees up, or with one knee up and other on the floor); squat; (birds) sit or perch.
mededereborbv.s.redup.(man) sit around.
reborb a daobexpr.tide stands still.
reborb a dolechexpr.tide stands still.
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> See you (said to those remaining by person leaving; said to person sitting by person passing by).
> You're just like a lobster (flambuoyant in color but prone to hide under rocks.
You dress up fancy but never go anywhere. Applicable to a person who prides himself on great wealth but does not put it to work; or to one who dresses to the hilt, then stays home. It may once have been applied to villages that were well armed, but peaceful.

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